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Deep Drawing

Oil-free alternatives to deep-drawing operations

Lubrication for deep-drawing operations requires strong enough film to provide boundary and hydrodynamic lubrication. Protecting die and material been worked on is important to stay competitive on market. Carefully selected lubricant can save process time, save-up time on cleaning and offer non-dangerous working conditions. Products of BBL bring to market new-generation lubes that are not derived from crude oil, but precisely selected polymers that are tailored for heavy-duty demanding operations. Basic protective film with EP additives creates highly reactive film to prohibits galling effect. Scratchless surface, nicely formed tube or plate that can be easily wash-up is our goal.

Because of making active thin protecting film, SAVE UP TO only 50% of conventional oil volume is needed. Minimizing consumption and therefore waste should be aspect for every modern process. Consuming less, clean less, wash less means total saving in time and total cost.

Save up to 50%

The local spot temperature between material and tool is separating lubricants. The temperature can locally and for very short period of time rise to very high values.nWhile the oil products provide good lubricity at standart temperatures, with the rising values the lubricity goes down. On contrary, synthetic product are acting different. With rising temperature, the lubricity goes up and protect both tool and material.

Variety of materials requires each specific lubricant. Bending stainless steel requires different lube from bending copper. Bending large diameters requires different viscosity from small tubes. Choosing right lubricant takes time. Go and see our product portfolio to find lubricant that is compatible with your material and request sample to start bending with new modern technology.