Company overview

We are lube alternative
in Metalforming industry

BBLubricants vyrábí a nabízí maziva na bázi polymerů, které odpovídají současných trendům a vysokým požadavkům na nezávadné a čisté pracovní prostředí.
Products are designed for wide range of metalworking operations: tube bending, deep-drawing, stamping, punching, etc.

Lubrication is the key element for the efficient machinery operation. It is an unique component or specific part of whole complex process where every element is designed to reduce frictional costs while achieving the best results.
Based on experience and latest trends in field of friction, polymer-based lubricants have been developed to whom concern operator health, outstanding performance and economy of production.


Chemical structure of synthetic fluids is designed to maintain its lubriciting stability over range of temperatures. Compared to petroleum, synthetics survive higher temperatures, last longer, are not likely to form carbon deposits which create drag and wear.
In nutshell, synthetics succeed in molecule composition to give the performance benefits and the payback we are looking for. Structure of BBL synthetic lubricant gives stronger film than petroleum. All products are designed to be applied exceptionally sparingly. They do not drip or run from components and therefore, help keep areas clean and tidy.
The water base guarantees very low toxicity and non-hazardous impact on environment.
The other side of our lubricants is its entreaty to be 100% biodegradable. A lot of countries began their way to minimize possible footprint to the environment.
Industry is among the first to find new paths towards eco-friendly production. About mineral oil has been said a lot and its use in practically everything we are surrounded. Time of mineral oil in industry has passed and now its time to use lubricants specially designed and synthetized.
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Because of making active thin protecting film, only 50% of conventional oil volume is needed. Minimizing consumption clean less, wash less = savings.


Final performance of lubes and easy application is essential to our knowledge. Over the years we inspect lubricants in real-time conditions, develop to customers needs to yield best efficiency.


Own testing machines, hundreds of tubes bent makes us 100% confident before entering clients doors.


Perpetual innovations are crucial for delivering top products in forming chemistry.