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Solvent-free cleaning alternatives

Parts cleaning is essential to many industrial processes, as a prelude to surface finishing or to protect sensitive components. Degreasing products brings up to market alternatives to conventional hydrocarbon solvents. These formulated multifunctional cleaners are based on bio-friendly raw materials. Combined with water creates aqueous cleaners that have numerous advantages as regards to particle and polar contaminants and only require higher inputs of mechanical and thermal energy to be more effective to hydrocarbon solvents. Not much is required to be have user-friendly, non-hazard workplace and meet latest health and safety regulations.

KLEEN roducts are made with ingredients that are derived from agricultural and forestry materials. Whether it’s soy-based solvent, vegetable-derived detergent, or cleaning agent made from coconut oil, each ingredient comes from a renewable resource. This means that the raw components are constantly being grown, produced, and manufactured into solvents, detergents, etc. These renewable items provide products that are environmentally safer, increase rural economic development, foster domestic production of our resources, and reduce dependency on imported products

In general, a biobased product is formulated with products from renewable plant and animal resources. Biobased products are thought to be excellent alternatives to products made from petroleum because they:

• Reduce fossil fuel use
• Reduce foreign oil use
• Reduce dependency on foreign energy
• Are generally better for the environment to produce and use

These products can be used in any public or private facility in place of petroleum-based products. Their performance parallels or exceeds their petroleum-based counterparts, while offering the benefits biobased products exhibit.