Synthetic coolant for high speed operations


FOXCUT series has been developed for high operations in metalforming where superb cooling and material protection is required. As all production of BBL FOXCUT series does not impart any mineral oil.nExtend tool life while protecting the material from adverse external infl uences. It can be used on variety of materials - metalnand non-metal (steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper etc.). Non-oil fi lm on the material also allows seamless subsequentnoperations such as welding and handling products. Reduces the cost of the cleaning process - without the use of chemicalsnand degreaser. 1SF is designed for soft water systems or systems on distilled water. Such aqueous fl uid beats averagenlifetime of coolant and it is very resistent to any microbial attack or molding.


SteelStainless SteelAluminiumCopperTitaniumInconel


  • Synthetic coolant
  • VOC-free
  • Creates solution when mixed with water
  • Grinding, Cutting
  • Little to none residues




The product is not specified as hazardous waste or pollutant of the environment/water. It is biodegradable. Follow local governmental rules and regulations for waste treatment. The product is not miscible with acids, alkalis or solvents. Devices can be painted with epoxy paint or other coatings injurious surfaces.


Product should be stored under cover in clean, dry conditions and protected from frost. Indoors. Recommended storage temperature ideally between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F).nA shelf life of twenty four months can be anticipated.

  • Application High speed opeations
  • Viscosity 90 cSt (at 25C)
  • Physical state Liquid
  • Colour Yellow clear
  • Water solubility Yes
  • Code BBL-FXC-1SF