USA top leader in oil-free chemistry

From space travel to automotive parts to ordinary everyday household items, Tower Metalworking Fluids is a pioneer in helping metalworking industries craft precision parts and products that keep our world running.


Tower Metalworking Fluids Corporate Presentation

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More Than a Metalworking Fluids Company

We are an essential part of the metalworking industry. We enhance production performance by developing technically-advanced metalworking fluids that help achieve peak performance, making an impact on your business immediately. We engineer metalworking fluids that are safer for workers and better for our environment.


To lead change in the metalworking fluids industry by offering innovative and advanced technology for tomorrow that helps businesses succeed today.


INNOVATION: Forward thinking, planning, and execution to expand our business.

INTEGRITY: Honesty in what we say, do, and think.

RESPECT: Treat others better than what you expect to be treated.

PASSION: Enthusiasm, desire and commitment to succeed.

TEAMWORK: We all succeed together.

THRIVE: Commitment to growth and prosperity to affect our customers’ success.

QUALITY & SERVICE: Service and products we are all proud to stand behind.



Water soluble synthetic, Oil-Free solutions producing exceptionally clean parts that can even be welded and provide excellent rust protection.


Water soluble oil technology offering premium performance from light-duty to extra heavy-duty metal forming operations.


Products manufactured using ingredients derived from renewable resources. Formulated to replace vanishing oils made with hydrocarbon solvents that contain VOC’s and HAPs. Designed for lighter roll forming operations and can be applied by roller coater, micro mist spray or airless spray systems.


High performance, biostatic, synthetic coolants with special chemistry that reject tramp oils while providing exceptional rust protection and extended sump life.


Chemistry formulated with renewable resources and low foam characteristics that cleans and rinses the machine as it runs, eliminating residues and protecting against corrosion.


Offering light to heavy synthetic gels formulated for bending, sizing, and other end forming operations. These products form a high-strength lubricating film on the mandrel and ID of the tube that will not slump or run-off under extreme temperatures. Allows for easy cleaning and weld-through capability when no wash is desired.


Products offering light to heavy-duty synthetic and oil fluid technology
formulated for bending, flanging, flaring, swaging, sizing, and other end-forming operations.


Designed for recirculating systems and is balanced to provided extended sump life. Formulated for a variety of ferrous and noferrous materials as well as coated materials used in a variety of industries and applications.