ALTO 100

Synthetic forming grease


ALTO series products are highly effi cient and environmentally friendly gel alternatives to conventional oil lubricants usable in a wide field of metal processing. Extend tool life while protecting the material from adverse external influences. Non-oil film on the material also allows seamless subsequent operations such as welding and handling products. ALTO are solids using only organic thickeners. No metallic thickener or soap is used. ALTO is easily washable - without the use of chemicals and degreaser. Non-fl ammable, not leave stains on the material, odorless and without undesirable eff cts on the environment. They have no negative impact on the health of workers and not irritating skin.


SteelStainless SteelAluminiumCopperTitaniumInconel


  • Universal grease
  • Extreme pressure additives to extreme loads
  • Non-dripping
  • Applicable both manually and automatically
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Easy clean-up with warm water




The product is not specified as hazardous waste or pollutant of the environment/water. It is biodegradable. Follow local governmental rules and regulations for waste treatment. The product is not miscible with acids, alkalis or solvents. Devices can be painted with epoxy paint or other coatings injurious surfaces.


Product should be stored under cover in clean, dry conditions and protected from frost. Indoors. Recommended storage temperature ideally between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F).nA shelf life of twenty four months can be anticipated.

  • Application Tube bending, Forming
  • Viscosity 250 000 cSt (at 25C)
  • Physical state Liquid
  • Colour White/Yellow
  • Water solubility Yes
  • Code BBL-ALT-100