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Tube Bending

Eco-logical lubes in rotary draw bending

Tube bending lubricants requires special approach in understanding whole process of drawing. Rotary draw bending has evolved in massive production of bent tubes where lubricant must provide strong enough to seperate both die and part from each other.
In the past, mineral oil or animal has been used. Needless to say its lubricity is good enough to create boundary film, but problems occur in after processes. Tube bending is not stand-alone process and cleaning of bent tubes in necessary step.
Tailored lubricants designed to use tap water as only solvent.

Rotary Draw Bending is the most complex form of bending and requires a toolset to execute. The tube is held by the clamp and pressure die, and rotated around the bend die. A mandrel and wiper support the inside and outside of the tube and help prevent wrinkles or flattening. The basic set of tools is therefore the Mandrel, Wiper die, Bend die, the Clamp die and the Pressure die.

To increase the life of the tools it is necessary to properly lubricate them. This will reduce vibrations and induction of heat at the bending points. Choosing an appropriate gel or fluid depends on:

- The material of the tubes and machines
- The volume of production
- Other processing
- The use of the bent tubes (For example, the method of cleaning or the eventual heat processing)

It is important to clean the individual tubes before bending.

The local spot temperature between material and tool is separating lubricants. The temperature can locally and for very short period of time rise to very high values.
While the oil products provide good lubricity at standart temperatures, with the rising values the lubricity goes down. On contrary, synthetic product are acting different. With rising temperature, the lubricity goes up and protect both tool and material.

Bending stainless steel requires different lube from bending copper. Bending large diameters requires different viscosity from small tubes. Choosing right lubricant takes time. Go and see our product portfolio to find lubricant that is compatible with your material and request sample to start bending with new modern technology.